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DIY adirondack chairs from pallets

adirondack chairs with fall decorations

 Look at how I built these awesome adirondack chairs from pallets I already had for $0. Yep, that's right. Cost me nothing. All materials was stuff I had at home!

Its Fall Y'all, which means its time for those cool nights. In my mind, there is nothing better than sitting around a fire with a cup of coffee and a sweater. In an effort to really get to enjoy some of those great fall evenings, I decided I wanted to make the perfect lounging chair to go beside my perfect little fire pit. Not that I ever get to spend that much time actually sitting there, I just loved the idea of it!

There seems to be a new craze for adirondack chairs lately, and of course the madness for pallets has been ongoing for sometime. I am like most other pallet and newest-trendy-item-lovers out there, and like them too. This is how I ended up with several pallets that my sweet hubby rounded up for me, several of which I have put to great use for making flower boxes, and other patriotic decor.

After thinking about these new adirondack chairs and my free wood supply I had found in the pallets, I decided I would find a plan and give it a whirl. Though I made a few small alterations to the plan, I used Ana White's plan which can be found here. They are super easy to follow and even include a matching foot stool if you really want to get comfy!

The best part about doing this project was the AWESOME new saw I bought. Lowe's was having a special that if you bought the Dewalt saw, then you got the stand for free. I was sold. Best purchase ever....
Dewalt 12 inch sliding compound miter Saw

Ok, so I started taking apart one of my pallets. Piece by piece. I must warn you, this part does take a while, but then again its free wood and its heat treated.
After getting about three pallets taken apart, I started making my cuts. I went ahead and made all the cuts for two chairs while I was sawing.
You can see my hubby does a really good job saving me the good pallets that will no longer be used. I heart pallets. Oh, and my hubby. I heart him too.
The plans call for a several of the pieces to be made out of 2x4's and usually that is what the base of pallets are made of. Here you can see that the arm side of the adirondack chair are made from two of them.
If you follow Ana White's plan and cut the stinger, you will have to make a cut with two angles. I still am not 100% sure I cut the angles exactly right, but the chairs worked, and are fabulous so I am completely fine with however I ended up cutting them. 

See attaches just fine.

Here are the two sides of the adirondack chair after being put together. Note: remember to make mirror images. Not gonna tell you how I found that out....
Next I attached the front skirt piece and the back piece. I think her plan instructs to go ahead and install the 1x4's to the seating area. I did not do this as I thought it would be better to have both the front and back pieces in before hand so that they were the same distance and you could ensure all the seat pieces were the same distance. 
After, I went ahead and installed the 1x4's which would form the seating area.

Then I put the back together and secured it with screws. To form the rounded back, I took a trash can lid and marked a circle, then used my jigsaw to trace my line. 

 Made a great circle if you ask me! Note that on Ana's plan, when it calls for 1x4's for the seat back and seat bottom, I just used whatever I had taken off the pallets, which where all different widths. I thought it gave it a bit more character and it was free wood.

I wanted to jazz up my chairs a bit so I coated them with some dark walnut stain and remembered I had bought a super cute table cloth last year on clearance. When I bought it I had intentions of doing something with it for fall then, but never seemed to find the time.

This year, I decided I was making the time. I just love the colors. Perfect for fall. I think I paid maybe 3 bucks for it. Gotta love a bargain, and because its a table cloth, its made out of vinyl/plastic material, so its perfect for outside. 

I cut two squares of the same size and sewed them together, with the printed sided facing, leaving one edge open. Then I turned it inside out, stuffed it and had awesome fall outdoor pillows from a table cloth. 

adirondack chairs made from pallets

 Here are my new chairs, new pillows and my little fire pit that I built out of river rocks I have collected when we go fishing. Okay, Steve fishes, I collect rocks. I can's sit still long enough to fish.....
Adirondack chairs made from pallet wood
 Doesn't this make you want to come drink a cup of coffee and read a good book?

Adirondack chair from pallet


  1. Wow! Megs I had no idea you were doing this!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

    1. Thanks Judy. I am always doing some sorta project. I live for this sorta thing. Finally one day I decided I blog about it. So here I am....

  2. How many pallets did you use for each chair, I saw you mentioned 3 was sure if that was for one or both?


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